Residencies (Training and Certification)


Proctology definition of specialty practice


For the purpose of clarification the following division of specialty practice is defined: The practice of proctology shall consist of and include the treatment of diseases and conditions originating within or affecting the anus, rectum, perianal and perirectal areas, and related or complicating conditions not including the use of major surgery.



Residency programs


OUCOM / Grandview Hospital & Medical Center

     405 West Grand Ave., Dayton, OH 45405-4720.

     Program Director:   Darin L. Green, D.O. (937) 222-2096

     Program Contact:   Stacey Callahan,

     Hospital Website:


Westview Hospital

     3630 Guion Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46222-1672.

     Program Director:   David T. Harrison, D.O. (317) 923-1033

     Program Contact:   Darci Sieracki,

     Hospital Website



Requirements for certification


Section 1. The minimum requirements to be eligible to receive certification from the AOA through the American Osteopathic Board of Proctology are as follows:

1. The applicant must be a graduate of an AOA-accredited college of osteopathic medicine.

2. The applicant must be licensed to practice in the state or territory where his/her practice is conducted.

3. The applicant must be able to show evidence of conformity to the standards set forth in the AOA Code of Ethics.

4. The applicant must have been a member in good standing of the AOA or the Canadian Osteopathic Association for the two years immediately prior to the date of certification.

5. The applicant must have satisfactorily completed an AOA-approved internship.

6. A period of two years of AOA-approved training in proctology shall be required after the required one year of AOA-approved internship.

7. The applicant must practice in proctology for a period of two years subsequent to the required two years of AOA-approved training. Practice within each field under the jurisdiction of this Board shall be defined in the Regulations and Requirements of this Board.

8. Additionally, the applicant for examination must provide the following:

a. Notarized evidence of performing, upon his/her own responsibility, subsequent to the completion of formal training, a minimum of 200 operative procedures.

b. Affidavits showing that his/her files contain a minimum of 200 case records of operations performed within the four years immediately prior to application for examination. Also, detailed case reports, acceptable to this Board, of 50 operative procedures within the four years immediately prior to application for examination. These reports shall include history, physical examination, laboratory examinations, pre-operative diagnosis and evaluation of the patient, detailed operative record, postoperative diagnosis, progress notes, gross and histological description and diagnosis of excised tissue, case termination, and summary.

c. An affidavit, in duplicate, stating the percentage of practice that was proctologic during the preceding 12-month period prior to application for examination, based upon the patients seen. (A minimum of 50% specialty practice is required.)

d. A thesis on a proctologic subject of the applicant's choosing which is acceptable to the Evaluating Committee of the American Osteopathic College of Proctology. The thesis must follow the standard of common use for composition.

e. Letters of recommendation from two certified proctologists who are personally acquainted with the applicant, who can attest to the applicant's surgical training, surgical experience, personal character, and who have personally observed the applicant's surgical skill. These letters are to be sent directly to the secretary of this Board, not to the applicant.

9. The applicant may be asked to demonstrate his/her eligibility in any other manner as determined by this Board.


Section 2. Subject to the recommendation of the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists and to the approval of the AOA Board of Trustees, the Board may require such further training in each of the fields coming under its jurisdiction as, in its judgment, such field may require, provided that the additional requirements for each field are clearly set forth in the Regulations and Requirements of this Board. Additions to requirements shall go into effect one year subsequent to the announcement of such change.




Application for examination


Section 1. Following satisfactory compliance with the prescribed requirements for examination, the applicant is required to pass appropriate examinations planned to evaluate an understanding of the scientific bases of the problems involved in proctology, familiarity with the current advances in proctology, possession of sound judgment and a high degree of skill in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involved in the practice of proctology.

1. Oral, written, and clinical examinations are conducted and required in the case of each applicant. The practical or clinical examinations are conducted only after the required years of practice have been completed.

2. The members of this Board shall review, if not perform, the grading of each written examination. The conduct of the clinical examination may be delegated to a committee of not fewer than two individuals maturely qualified in proctology.

3. A full description of the method of conducting the examination is formulated in Article IX of the Regulations and Requirements of this Board, and provision for reexamination is made.

4. Applicants desiring examination for certification are required to file an application which shall set forth the applicant's qualifications as stated in paragraphs 1 through 7 in Section 1. above. The applicant for examination shall:

a. Obtain from the secretary-treasurer of this Board an application form and information pertaining to the requirements for examination in proctology.

b. Submit the application, required documentary evidence, case reports, application fee, two recent passport-type photos, thesis, and letters of recommendation to the secretary-treasurer at least 90 days prior to examination. Failure of an applicant to submit the application 90 days prior to the examination date shall automatically defer consideration of the application in the current year. Such application shall be held and the applicant notified of deferment.

c. Appear for a personal interview, if requested to do so by the secretary-treasurer of this Board, upon recommendation of the Credentials Committee.

d. Be present for the written and oral examinations at the time and place designated.

e. Make satisfactory arrangements for the clinical examination as directed by the secretary-treasurer of this Board.


Section 2. Signed applications and all documentation submitted by the applicant to this Board, even though the applicant may withdraw as a candidate for certification, shall remain the property of this Board.





The American Osteopathic Board of Proctology offers recertification to its diplomates on a voluntary basis. Recertification will be valid for ten (10) years. Failure in the recertification process will in no way result in the loss of the candidate's original certification.



Certificate longevity


Certification by the AOA through the American Osteopathic Board of Proctology is valid for life.




Application Information


Dean's letter required:  Yes

Required number of letters of recommendation: 3

Official Medical School transcripts required: Yes

NBOME Board scores required (Part 1): Yes

NBOME Board scores required (Part 2): Yes